Influences of a Young Writer
Anything can influence a writer to put feelings into words. They could be influenced by a book that introduced one to the literature world, or a friend or family member on some aspect of their literacy history. It could be something that impacted the writer, positive or negative. Different subjects affect different writers. Different people have influenced my attitudes and perceptions toward reading, writing, and academic education.
Many authors have a big part in my reading experience. The most important one would be Nicholas Sparks. Nicholas Sparks writes his book based on his hometown. He writes from his heart and the love and pain he has been through. Sparks writes romance novels, but they are not just any romance novel. They go through the worst obstacles possible, but some end up with a happy ending and others do not.
Several people have helped me become the writer I am today. Many of my literature teachers have given me positive and negative feedback on my essays. That feedback has helped me to enhance my grammar, vocabulary, and structure of my writing. The person that has helped me the most was my 9th grade teacher, Ms. Margo Taylor. She assisted me in writing for multiple of my English classes throughout the rest of high school.
As she guided me in the right direction, she helped me with what I needed and what I did right. My favorite thing is that she always gave positive feedback. She never said what you did wrong, she always told me how to make it better.
Another big impact of my writing comes from the media. It is a strange subject, but it is part of my everyday life. Between newspapers and reading articles, I learned how to properly write many different types of literature.   There are several types of literature in news articles.
My imagination is a huge part that made me a writer. I write a lot of fiction stories, so I use my imagination to help me. I can come up with the craziest stories and still make them...