Napoloen Bonaparte

Napoleon Bonaparte
Napoleon Bonaparte was born on August 15, 1769 in Ajaccio on the Mediterranean island of Corsica, the son of Carlo. Napoleon rose to his fame through his ruthless military exploits and his efficiency with his great army, he rose the great fame from just Napoleon to Napoleon I, Empereur des Francais (Emperor of the French).   France’s most historical character to the most amazing conquests around Europe and the world, Napoleon life fired the imaginations of young writers, film makers, and playwrights whose works have done much to create the Napoleonic legend.
When Napoleon was just a child he made a challenging decision to start a major military career.   He fortunately won a scholarship to France’s best military collage / academy. His unusual rising shocked not only his homeland France, but the rest of Europe and soon enough his military conquests threatened the stability of the world.
Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte proved to be an excellent civil administrator and commander one of the great reasons why he is the emperor of France. One of his greatest achievements following other major achievements was the supervision of the revision and collection of French law into codes. These brand new law codes (seven in number) incorporated some of the freedoms gained by the people of France during the French revolution, including religious toleration. The most famous of the codes, the Code Napoleon or Code Civil, still forms the basis of French civil law.   Napoleon also centralized France's government by appointing prefects to administer regions called departments, into which France was divided.
Rumours are still going around that Napoleon Bonaparte was very short (even though in his painting or ‘pictures’ he looked very tall) but the French measurements those times were widely in accurate and now say that was wasn’t as short.
Early Life
Napoleon graduated in September 5th 1785, he was commissioned second lieutenant in La Fère artillery regiment....