Napolean Bonapart

    - Napolean is one of the most iconic figures in History
    - He is an individual who opens himself up to interprtation
            a.)   often compared to Charlemagne and Caesar Augustus   while others sometimes compare him to Hitler
    - He is widly considered the father of modern military science
            a.)   something about Napolean is taught or spoken about nearly everyday at West Point
    - He was a great military leader but his abilities in government are often overlooked
    - Unlike Charlemagne, Napolean loved battle
    - He was responsible for the death of over a million people
    - However, France sees Napolean as the guy who restored France after the Revolution and brought order back to their country
    - People liked Napolean
    - This is because he had success early on
            a.)   it seemed like everything Napolean touched turned to gold
    - However, Napolean was soon bogged down because of campaigns in Spain and Russia
    - At this point Napolean should be finshed but he is not for 2 reasons.
            1.) People have confidence in hime
            2.) People like hime even though he isnt specifically likable (can be compared to Clinton)
    - He somewhat regains control until his generals turn on him
    - They do this in a very civilized manor
    - Napolean understands and decides that it is time to give in, he resigns as Emperor on April 11, 1814
    - The 4th Coalition decides that France wasn’t the enemy, it was Napolean
    - The Treaty of Fountainbleau is created
    - This is a “win win” situatuion for everyone
    - France gets off clean and Napolean is given his own island   called Elba
            a.) Napolean gets 2 million Francs per year, the coalition basically pays for everything
    - In 10 months Napolean transforms Elba into a thriving little island
    - Napolean is restless though
            a.) in February of 1815, Napolean leaves Elba and lands in cannes