Nano Technology

How To Hypnotize Someone NOW
Now, follow the step by step process below:
1- Have the person sit in front of you – face on face. You should sit yourself, too. Have the person put their hand on top yours – palm to palm.
2- Tell him (her): “Look at my eyes and continue looking until I say something”.
3- Tell him (her): “In a moment I am going to count to 3. Press down on my hand and I’ll be pressing up against your energy and simply follow my instructions instantly.”
4- Say “1…2…3….push, push, push”. If he (she) is pushing gently, tell him (her) to push harder.
  Now with your other hand, put it on top of his eyes, like you are shading them, and slowly caressing down.
      Then say: “now as you continue to press down on my hand I want you to develop a feeling in your eyes like your up much too late at night watching an old black and white movie, you should go to bed but you’re just so tired. You feel your eyes so droopy …and closing….and drowsy….and….SLEEP !”
    The moment you begin to say “sleep” you have to quickly slip your hand away from his (her). This is very important moment and must be done accurately.
Practice this technique on your friends, family members and you will see the results. This is a step by step technique, so everyone who follows it properly can hypnotize people easily.