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Namewee defends video, wants debate
By: Press Digest by Kong See Hoh (Sun, 29 Aug 2010) 

PETALING JAYA (Aug 29, 2010): RAPPER Wee Meng Chee has defended his new video “Nah",  which Puteri Umno chief Datuk Rosnah Abdul Rashid Shirlin deemed racist and vulgar, saying it decried racism, Chinese press reported today.

Wee, a.k.a Namewee, has since withdrawn the controversial video clip that criticised the recently reported 'racist' headmasters, saying he has achieved his objective of drawing attention to his condemnation of the action of some government servants in the education fraternity to stir up racial sentiments.

He challenged Rosnah to an open debate.

“ I would like to find out, why is she attacking the victim (the Malaysian public) when the real perpetrators of this issue has yet to be punished?,” he asked in a press statement in his blog.

“If the (Puteri Umno) chief thinks I have no respect and sense of responsibility for my own country, please accept my invitation to an open public debate on this issue.

"Help us Malaysians define how to become good patriotic citizens of Malaysia, educate us please,” he said.

He said the video was about defending the constitution of the country, “because just like me, most Malaysians want nothing but peace and racial harmony”.

He said he has used obscene language as a form of communication in some of his videos.

“But that does not mean I am not educated nor that I have committed a serious crime. Vulgarity content was chosen only with the objective of bringing forward my point of view (and the view of many people) with more impact.

“Therefore, I believe it is more critical to highlight the subject matter than focusing on the choice of words.”

He said he was saddened to read in a Malay daily...