N V Q 4 Hsc41

Nvq 4

SHC   Advanced communication Skills
Theories and models of good practice in communication can be demonstrated verbally, Individuals views and opinions must be respected and efforts must be made to gain individuals trust and confidence whilst communicating.
Individual’s confidentiality must be maintained as this falls under the data protection act. If an individual’s communications needs are not met then all there aspects of daily living will and can be effected , like not being able to express their needs, wants and wish’s and this in turn will impact you being able to meet that individuals needs and there for you may be denying their human rights .
It is vital that care staff supporting different individuals are aware of each individual’s specific communication needs and that individual preferred way of communicating so that effective communication can be achieved for each individual, as just because some individuals have the same communication difficulties they may not have the same prefer methods of communications.
It is important that all individuals are encouraged and supported to make their needs be known to the staff helping care for them, to other health professionals and families. This could be communicated by means of verbal and non-verbal communication methods, like gestures, written, sign language , Makaton , picture books and flash cards . The individuals we care for need to feel like that staff that help care for them take the time and effort to listen to them and take the time to take on board there needs wish’s and desires.
Models of communications are used to explain the communication process between people and the basic communication possess for information and messages being passed between person to person, or the way information is passed between one person the sender to the other person the receiver.
Transactions analysis is a theory that looks into the communications and interactions between people. This is a...