“MySpace” Final
In “Teens Find Millions of Friends”, an article by Laurence Gable, the author states why many adults worry about teens on MySpace.   Adults are concerned about teens that are using MySpace because of its changing history and usage, the potential threats or dangers, and the unawareness of the limited safety.
The first reason why adults are concerned is because of the changing usage and history of MySpace.   First of all, MySpace first began as a site for musicians; over 660,000 bands have uploaded their music to the site.   Though this happened MySpace had attracted others, who then added things like; religions, pictures, and films.   Later, this site had been a place for young teens to hang out, likes malls, but not face-to-face.
The next reason why adults are so concerned is because of the dangers lurking around on MySpace.   Firstly, it’s the number of users, it is said that the site has approximately 55 million users, some of which are underage.   Secondly, many of these users use profiles all of which containing photos, full names, address, and phone numbers.   Therefore, could lead to danger like predators, kidnappers, drug dealers all of them can find people putting specific details about them on their profiles.
The final reason why adults are concerned about teens on MySpace is because of the limited safety.   One way the safety can be set to users is by schools; they should teach and educate them about the boundaries and the safety rules.   Another way to make it safe is to put the computer in a public place in the house.   The last point is to relax, they shouldn’t be too concerned that they go overboard and lock the computer.
Adults, parents, and teachers are worried and concerned about teens because of the changing usage and history, the dangers or threats, and the limited safety on MySpace.   Therefore, parent or teachers should educate them on the boundaries and safety rules.   This should take to bring safety to many users.