Myself, Roles and Responsibilities.

TMA 01 Myself, my setting and my responsibilities.
Part 1
I have worked in child care for approximately 5 years and during this time completed my Level 3 Diploma in Children’s care learning and development. Currently I am employed as a Child-minding Assistant supporting a Child-minder to provide a child day care service based in a homely environment caring from children from birth to seven years.   We care for pre-school age children during the day and older children aged four to seven years, as after school care. We have a specially designed play room with a variety of resources and equipment. There is also a large kitchen area for messy play. The rooms are comfortable and spacious with plenty of varying opportunities to accommodate children’s needs.   Children at our setting are in the early stages of the Early Years Education Framework (DCSF 2008), which is the curriculum we must follow to help encourage learning , development and social skills to prepare them for pre-school. Although child-minding involves mainly working alone, we continually include multi agency working as seen in the DVD sequence “Lark Centre” by including Development support workers, parents, other early years practitioners i.e. key workers from a child’s pre-school, other child-minders in our child-minding network and the children as part of our team. The rapport between the child-minder and myself is excellent as we value each other’s ideas and opinions and try to include these in our day to day running of the setting.