My Time and Place in the Past

My time and place in the past
If I could go back in time and place in the past I would choose some historical place. I do not know why, but the first thing I was thinking about was the Second World War. Adolf Hitler was the person who began this entire thing with Jews and races. I would definitely go back to German at the time when he was a child and try to persuade him.
I think that this is hard to imagine what happened to millions of people during the Second World War. A lot of them got killed just because of their ethnicity. Families were split and sent to concentration camps in other countries, where they got killed in gas chambers or got shut.
Of course not everyone was killed. Strong boys and men had to work hard all day long. They got almost no food and had to fight for a place to sleep. If they were ill, they were too expensive to be kept alive. If they worked to slow, they got shut. Some of them tried to escape, but then others got killed. Most of them died, they were killed in gas chambers right before Germany was beaten in 1945.
I would try to stop Hitler because I believe that it would save millions of innocent people. They didn’t deserve to die and that is why we can’t forget them.   Maybe if I could talk with Hitler about differences between people, and racism it would maybe change his point about races. I would definitely try if I could.