My Student Survival Guide

The best educational resources at Axia College are in my opinion the Center for Writing Excellences, Center for Mathematics Excellence and the University Library. Because with all of them I can I can find research, brush up on my math skills, and check to see if I copied someone's paper. And I don't even have to leave the computer.
In a traditional class setting you take your notes as best as possible, some teachers allow recorders. And if you do miss anything you have to hope your peers didn't miss the same thing you did. I find the audio appendices, and digital stories to be very helpful if completing all my task. I love how you can read the story and listen to it at the same time. And if my twins wake up from there nap too early all I have to do is download it to my iPod. I can multi-task very well. I think all of the resources here at Axia College Online will help me to be a better student and learn more.
My thoughts on the Center for Writing Excellence are I like it. It keeps you original and on your toes. I love the Plagiarism checker. I have used it before but not a lot. I think no matter what the subject you are writing on or how many times that subject has been discussed, you should always have your own original thoughts.
The plagiarism checker is the best on keeping you on your toes. It helps students as well as the professors make sure that they have an original paper or topic.
Well let’s see I personally want to be in a wonderful career that I love, in no longer than two years. I want my children and husband to be able to live comfortably not to have every little thing they want but some of it. I think that will not be easy to obtain; there will be a lot of obstacles along the way. I wanted to go back to school to earn a degree in a field that is actually booming and I have. At the time when I started back to school I didn't have to work. I was a full time stay at home mom. But I wanted a career in the future when the kids went to school. But...