My Shadow

My clear Silhouette

The   red sun rose over the horizon, beyond the night sky as I was exposed to my new family. I caught glimpses of beautiful girls who were surely going to get more attention than I was with their scented illusions. This was unlike my old home in which everything was equally indifferent and left intact.

I was messy and looked unweeded although this was the perfect me. The others were sharp but very vibrant and admiring.
The day passed as the wind brushed my features against the firing sun -yet this gave me energy. I heard voices and then they appeared as I watched their shadow. I saw a tool that was used to manipulate my hair, sculpturing my appearance into the world. But I felt strange. I wanted this change. It empowered me and I suddenly wanted to be beautiful like the others. I wanted to be prettier so they could envy me the way I was envious of them.

At my old residence, I enjoyed the gazes of everyone even while being casted through a silhouette. But at this home I felt as though I had to change to get the attention I wanted. It made me feel insecure about myself.  After the shadows ceased their make-over, I was again left lonesome. I saw that my hair was shorter and I looked strange and began to change along with my transformed appearance, my inner feeling became nauseous like.

Hours turned into days, these lonely unaided   days formed into Weeks which   passed and I was still left unattended both by my family and by the by-passers. Pessimistic thoughts gather in my mind regarding whether my family cared about me while I progressed further into agony .

It was a while later when I started losing track of time that I was awakened by the sun’s rays glaring on my elements. I was barely able to open my eyes as I was left unappreciated and left empty bleeding dry for water and provisions, I was suffering. Later that same day I noticed a figure blocking the sun. In astonishment I opened my eyes and saw that the pretty girl was...