My Parents

My parents – my Mom & Dad, are the best parents in this world. Every kid thinks that his / her parents are the best parents, and that’s true. As for every parent their child is the best child in the world too.
Yes we have same feelings for each other in my family. My family – my parents and me…
My Mom and Dad a banker & an engineer respectively, work to earn for living and try always to give me best of the possible in this life. They love me so much, in fact much more as I am the only child. The reason of having only one child, my mom says “since we both are working, we don’t get enough time at home, so better to have only one child to whom we can dedicate our time”. How true she is in her words.
My mom & dad help me since morning right from the time to get ready for school, catching the school bus or drop me off to school if I miss the bus. Then arranging for my lunch, and again they help me with my studies in the evening before going to bed.
But this is everything any parents would do for their own children. I am proud of my parents because they are compassionate towards the society too. They are helping one of the needy children to complete her education. My parents have taught me one thing. Don’t waste anything just because you have in abundance. Think of those who deprive for having such things. They have taught me to use my school books very carefully, so that next year those can be used by somebody in need.
My parents are also techno savvy and they also help me understand the latest innovations happening around the world. At the same time they are also health cautious, they always encourage me to play outdoor games. They help me understand the importance of physical fitness, and I am trying my best to follow their views.
My parents are very careful about the destruction to environment. They always remind me to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags. We also plant trees in our surroundings and take care of them so that we can keep the green cover on...