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DQ 1
Remembering to write with your audience in mind is important for effective communication. To help us better understand the role of the audience in writing, please access the Mitsubishi Corporation Web site at
The Web site has been written for the Western, English-speaking world, primarily Americans. Review various sections of the History page, paying close attention to the section titled, A New Beginning. After reviewing the Web site, reply to this post by answering the following questions:
1.What assumptions has Mitsubishi made about content for an American audience?
2.What reading level has the writer chosen for the message? How can you tell?
3.What are three audience characteristics you think are important to identify when conducting an audience analysis? Explain why you chose each of these characteristics. How do these characteristics affect your understanding of the audience and structure of the message? This question is not specific to Mitsubishi.
DQ 2
Think about someone in your workplace whom you consider to be an effective communicator. What about this person's communication style causes you to think this? What characteristics does this person have that causes him or her to be effective?
I would say the person is a very good communicator and speaks clearly so that people can understand them and not so fast. Most of the information that is presented with a good attitude and they know and understand what it is they are presenting. In them communicating there is very little slang words used but it not overly formal they use appropriate words instead of abbreviations. This person is welled trusted and shares good will and humor and they speak clearly and uses concise terms and can support whatever it is they are communicating about   and they make great eye contact and speaks directly to whomever it is they are dealing with at the time.

DQ 3
Communication can be either written or oral....