My Name Is Charlene Little

Building Customer Loyalty 1
Charlene Little
BUS 3004
Developing a Business Perspective
November 14, 2010
    Building Customer Loyalty is very important to any company depending on the customer’s retention to stay in business.   Without customer’s the business couldn’t expand.   This learner recommends businesses to create strategies to retain and maintain customer’s by building the loyalty of the customer.   Building customer loyalty takes communication, proper employee training, employee loyalty, incentives, as well as great customer service.   There has been question of how customer loyalty will assist the company’s remaining in business?   Why is employee training deemed to be relevant to the building of customer loyalty, also how any company can be certain this will help?
    This paper will address the specific need to build customer loyalty.   This learner will provide information confirming why good customer relationships are imperative to the increase of productivity and profit.   This reading will demonstrate the importance of proper employee training, as well as some of the tactics proven to be successful in obtaining customer loyalty.   “The products or services that you provide are only meaningful in the context of your customer's objectives.   What you do is intended to achieve financial or strategic objectives, or fulfill a need.   Understand and communicate your value from the perspective of the customer”(Mehrmann,
2010).   Educate employees of changes that may affect the customer requirements and perceived value so they can adjust.   How gaining customer loyalty can also assist in retaining existing customers as well as obtaining new customers.   What are the concepts of customer loyalty?   This...