My Memoir

My Memoir: “Special Forces” at Camp
Theresa G. Hable
Crown College
My Memoir: “Special Forces” at Camp

The morning breeze from Lake Waconia felt fresh and invigorating. Yesterday's rain settled the dust and gave everything a new look.   The beautiful array of flowers from the neighbor's garden sparkled with the glistening of fallen raindrops against the sunrise.   What a beautiful day for the Special Force Christian Ministry to leave for a camping adventure in McGregor, Minnesota.  
I jumped as I heard the door slam.
"Hello? Hello? Where are you? We need to get ready; we leave for camp today! You said one more sleep night; then it's camping time!" screams Michael.
I yelled back, "I'm on the patio near the Winkler's garden.
Michael was about 13 years old and full of energy. Kelly, his sister, blind since birth, packed her bags the night before; she was not a morning person.   Almost eleven years old with a forceful personality, Kelly did not let her deafness interfere with life.   Learning sign language was a skill I had picked up to converse with her; but, she made sure I knew what she wanted.
She demonstrated her eagerness and excitement signing, "I'll be able to pick my seat on the bus!"  
The Special Force Christian Ministry consisted of two group homes: one in Waconia, Minnesota, housing eight males with disabilities; the second one located ten miles away, in the small town, Saint Bonifacius, Minnesota, accommodating eight females.   The disabilities ranged from brain damage to Multiple Scoliosis.   There were many staff personnel: some with disabilities, but not all. Everyone was just waiting for the bus.
Although, Michael and Kelly are riding the bus, their parents, Tom and Barb Harber will be driving separately: they are bringing their nephew, Duane, (who I have not met), and supplies that cannot fit in the trailer behind the bus.
Finally, "The bus is coming!" screams all the members of the group.
"Everybody aboard?" questions the bus driver....