My Life

Writing to imagine, explore and entertain
I am 16 years old. I have three brothers and I am the only sister, I am the youngest of my three brothers. I go to Joseph Chamberlain 6th Form College; I am studying Health and Social Care. I am now going to tell you about one of the five events that took place in my life.
My eldest brother who is 24 years old, was involved in a very serious car accident. It was 6 o’clock in the morning and I and my family were sleeping. My brother was on his way back from work. All of a sudden my dad gets a phone call from my brother’s friend saying that my brother had been in a car accident. We all were really shocked and scared.
We went to see my brother in hospital. We asked what happened he said it was raining; the roads were really slippery, also he saw a dog crossing the road. All of a sudden, he braked really hard. The car spinned and hit the tree and the CCTV camera lamppost. When he looked back, the dog desapeared.He did not know what was going on, but thank God my brother was fine, though the car was in pieces.
This event has affected me a lot because there was a chance of loosing my brother there but thanks to God that did not happen, I do not want to experience this event, also I do not want anyone else to experience this event.
Now I will be talking about the second event that has taken place in my life. This event is about my brother’s wedding.
My brother’s Wedding was the best Wedding I had ever been to. All the bride’s maids were dressed in the same clothes and all the boys were dressed in the same clothes. We had the most popular hotel. My brother’s Wedding took place in Pakistan. We had a DJ and we all danced. It was a Wedding that never can be forgotten.
This Wedding was a fantastic wedding ever. This Wedding has affected me because I now know how it is like to be in a family wedding. It is fun but really tiring.
I will now be talking about my third event that has taken place in my life. This even is about when...