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Say Goodbye to Uncle Tom Part II

Presented to Professor Jo Ann Walker
Submitted by Jacqueline Smith

Southern University at Shreveport
History 104
Time TR 10:00 – 11:20
March 3, 2009

Say Goodbye to Uncle Tom
The start off at a New Orleans plantation where they interview several aristocrats Southerners, who sitting around the dinner table defend the practice of slave holding while tossing left-overs to black children huddle under the table. John Randle say he free his slaves because they were stupid. The European came to deduct an inquest on slavery.
The Civil War cost the American a million dead, to every Niger brought from African, a white man fell in battle, and the bone collect by these old slaves bought with the white man life. This was the price American pay first to free slave and then the rest of the world from the institute of slavery.
The African was at sea for 95 days. There were 326 slaves on the ship including the women. They was packed into the bowels of a slave ship like sardines and greedily clamoring for gruel at a narrow feeding trough which the feed molasses.
A House Momma was abusing her black and white charges unmercifully, and hunter who paid to track down escaped slaves. A bug eyed doctor methodically describes how black people don’t have much depth of feeling and so it’s okay for whites to make slaves out of them.
When they arise Louisiana they were place in quarantine, throw in water that content ash, sand and Lysol. They were grease with ointment and palm oil. They were disinfecting.
The black was treated like animal place in cages, the black women are dressed up and paraded for the approved of horny white men, and a slave auction where those same white men barter in human cargo. They women were being raped.
In my opinion, the African would have been better off in African they were not treated any different. There is no hope for reconciliation between the races and America will never get over the specter of slavery.