My Life Is Music


My Life is Music
My whole life I have loved music. Music has always made my day better. It helps me when I’m happy, sad, and mad or just need to feel free. Music is my outlet away from the world.
At the age of three I was singing in the choir at church. I was the only child or should I say baby that wanted to be in the choir. I would stand next to the piano so I could see the lady play. I would always want to get on the piano and play. Even though I didn't know anything about playing, but I was very eager to learn. Everyone told me I was too young to mess with the piano and would say don’t touch just look. So I continued to sing in the choir and stand and watch the lady play the piano every Sunday.
When I was four years old I got my first keyboard for Christmas. It was the very first thing I saw by the tree that Christmas morning. My keyboard was set up and ready to play. That was the best Christmas ever I cried. Out of everything I had under the tree I didn't care about anything else besides my keyboard. I still have my very first keyboard today and it still works. The following month was my fifth birthday and my parents decide I was old enough to take piano lessons. I was so happy and excited about taking piano lessons. My aunt was my teacher we practiced three times a week.
My piano lessons were fun but very serious. I had lessons for a year the only reason I stopped was because my aunt didn't have time anymore because of her job. But I didn't let that stop me I learned from what she had taught me and I bought music books. I continued to play and learned by ear. My aunt would always call to check on me to see if I was still playing or not. To her surprise I would be in the background playing on the keyboard.
For my twelfth birthday I got a big surprise from my great aunt. She had this old beautiful antique piano at her house. Every time we would visit I would ask to play the piano and she would tell me no I was too young. Little did I know my mom,...