My Leadership Journey

Entry 1: Leadership as part of the CMU varsity football team

Dear Journal,

As a part of the Carnegie Mellon University varsity football team I was put in a position to develop my leadership skills as a part of the offense and running back core.   I had always considered myself a good leader throughout high school; being elected as a captain for my baseball, football and basketball teams in high school and serving as a class representative and varsity club representative for most of my high school career.  

Upon arriving at CMU I knew eventually I would have the same leadership opportunities as I did in high school if I maintained the character and personality strengths I possessed in my high school years.   Eventually, my junior year of college, I had developed into a strong leader of the running back core and was able to gain the respect of my fellow backs as well as the coaching staff for my work ethic and dedication to the team on and off the field.   Back then I thought I had leadership techniques all figured out and considered myself a very strong leader. I quickly realized, however, that I still have a lot to learn when it comes to being as effective as possible when it comes to leadership and communication techniques.  

The techniques and leadership strategies I have learned and developed this fall as part of QMM 891 and the MMM program in general have helped me develop even more and become a much more effective communicator and leader, as highlighted in the following entries.   I am excited to fill you in on some of my other notable leadership and communication experiences this past fall and look forward to many more notable experiences in the spring.

Entry 2: Team building activities at Krislund

Dear Journal,

We went to Krislund at the beginning of the semester to take part in some team building and communication exercises to get more familiar with our team members and classmates.   The experience was a great time and really worked as a...