My Hero

My hero  
What kind of phone do you have? 20% of people will answer “I have a smart phone” Smart phone is a type of mobile phone that can perform many of operations that a computer does, such as internet. Who is a creator of smart phone?   He is my hero, Steven Paul Jobs. There are 3 main reasons why he is my hero.
First, Steven Jobs are often called, an innovator. Although he was kicked out from his company, “Apple”, he came back and changed apple as a front runner. For example, he made his employees not able to smoke in his company. It helped  
other employees to work in a better place to work.
Second, Steven Jobs has tenacity in him. It may sounds like he is stubborn, but his tenacity made his company the global leader. Most of apple’s products are expensive, but they give high performance. It is originated from Steven Job’s insist.
Third, Steven Paul Jobs has a passion on his work. Recently, Steven Jobs takes sick leave because of his pancreatic cancer. However, he is working in his house and planning to launch I phone 5 and IPod 2. I think that is impossible to work in that hard time, without the passion.
In conclusion, Steven Paul Jobs is my hero because of 3 reasons. I think I have to do my best in order to be like Steven Jobs. Although it sounds impossible, I’d like to believe I’m possible.