My First Impression

My First Strong Impression By: Marcella Green

      My friend Alexis is the best friend a girl could have. She is the person who made the strongest first impression on me. She is a great person to talk to about anything. She is fun to be around and is very outgoing like me. Alexis is not only a friend but shes also like a sister to me.

      Alexis is a beautiful girl she is Japanese, Caucasian, and African American. Her skin tone is very light and her hair is naturally curly. Having her as a friend is very enjoyable. When I first met Alexis in 11th grade we talked for a long time. We shared information that we've never told anyone. Our bond is unbreakable.  

      Alexis is a great person to talk to about anything. We always talk about our relationships with our mother's. She always laughs at me and my mom's stories, and I laugh at hers too. She loves hearing about how my day was every single day she asks me how it was. I really honor my friend Alexis.

      Alexis is not only a friend she is like a sister. We care for each other like we are family. She always has my back through everything I go through. Shes always by my side no matter what. We always sleep over each others house. Alexis is the sister I never had.

      As you can see Alexis is a wonderful friend to have. I am proud to say that we are friends. Being around her is always a fun time. She always makes me smile. Alexis is the perfect friend to have.