My Firms Acqusition

My Firm’s Acquisition

As a CEO, you are trying to acquire a foreign firm. The size of your firm will double, and it will become the largest in your industry.  What does your firm do and what does the foreign firm you are trying to acquire do?  Where are the firms based?

      My firms WrightWay Enterprises is based in Huntsville, Alabama with a full scale facility including production, logistics and innovations located in Japan. My firm produces. Each division is responsible for an intricate part in the plan to make the worlds movie theater more eco-friendly. My firm is the one of the largest producers of movie theater popcorns bags as well as home products made completely from recycled plastics. We currently use WrightWay Logistics as the main method of distributing our product. Lately the demand for the product has increased tremendously and the logistics division has been swamped with others from some of our largest clients such as Carmike Theaters, and Monaco Productions.
      Our goal is to acquire CMZ Transportation and Logistics to help substantiate our existing logistics department to handle the existing and future orders from our clients. This firm is the largest wholesale product distributer in the worlds and is known for its speedy delivery as well as its huge facilities for stock and bulk packaging. This firm is based in Oslo, Norway and has facilities on three continents around the world including, North America, Asia, and Europe. Acquiring this firm alone will more than triple the manpower to distribute our product worldwide and increase our business relationships with our existing clients, as well as creating relationships with new clients looking transition to a more eco-friendly theater. There facilities will allow us to have warehouses on three major continents, as well as expand to South America with the new facility to be constructed in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

      You are very enthusiastic about the opportunity to be a leading...