My Favorite Striker

Karim Benzema was born on December 19th, 1987 in Lyon. He started playing football for a team in the outskirts of Lyon. At the age of nine, The OL(Olympique Lyonnais) granted him a license and he started his development with the youth teams. Benzema, who has taken Brazilian striker Ronaldo as a model, reveals his potential by scoring 38 goals for the OL U16. He signed his first professional contract at the age of 17 and made his senior debut in January 2005 against Metz, giving his first assist 5 minutes after entering the game. His meteoric rise with OL led him to sign for his dream club, Real Madrid, where he has played since 2009.

Benzema was called up for the first time to the senior national team in 2006 and made his debut with the French national team in 2007. He has represented France at three major international tournaments: the 2008 and 2012 editions of the UEFA European Football Championship and the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

He played for Olympique Lyonnais for 4 years, winning them 4 league titles. Since he moved to Real Madrid, Benzema has helped the club win many titles. Excepet for those club honours, here are a few more of Benzema’s outstanding achievements. He has been named French Player of the Year three times for his performances in 2011, 2012 and 2014. He also has been nominated for the Golden Ball five times. On top of all of that, Benzema ranks fourth among the current footballers in the UEFA champions league all-time top goalscorers list, which is one of the most impressive things about him in my opinion.

Now Benzema is an amazing football player, but he’s much more than that. To be honest, I just began to like him when he made his debut in the 2014 FIFA World Cup because he’s good looking. Then I began to realize that he is an amazing football player and towers over basically most of the other strikers. Well, finally I fell for him.

Benzema is my favorite athlete for a number of reasons. Not only he is a cute guy, what sticks out...