My Favorite Sport

Why I enjoy my favorite hobby or sport.
The team captain said the chant in the locker room to get the players ready for the game against their opponent. The players walk up to the green grass field fully prepared. The fans were everywhere, all on their feet screaming, clapping, waving flags of their favorite team and players. Coin will be tossed to know who will have the first possession. I enjoy my favorite sport football because of the challenges, the entertainments, and the celebrations after wins.
The first game of the season is always the most challenging. The players often feel nervous. The players were all trying to prove to the coaches that they deserve some playing time and the coaches were trying to prove to the owner that they are the right person for the job. The players play at their top performance and try not to get injured. The first point always set a good tone for the coaches and players. They know from that moment what to bring on the next possession. Winning the first game of the season always give the team good confident against their next opponents
  The entertainment in football is what makes the game even better. The opening anthem and the bands always give good momentum till the rest of the game. The half time shows are one of the most exciting parts in football. For example, during the super bowl which is the championship match, musicians were invited to perform and give the crowd moment for excitements. The performances at that time usually are the best of the year. Many fans buy tickets only to see the halftime shows. For the fans at home, the sponsors for that game always give the viewers some exciting commercials. The cheerleaders cheering for the team also gave the fans something else to watch, keep their eyes happy, and keep them cheered up for the rest of the game.
The challenge and the entertainment would be incomplete without a celebration after a point or a win. Scoring points and winning games give the crowd a good reason to...