My Favorite Game

My favorite game
Since I was a little boy, I had always spent hours drawing buildings. I wanted to become an engineer when I grow up. When I first played MINECRAFT, I liked the game right away. I could design and create structures when I play the game. I believe playing the game helps build my skill to design and create structures.
I still remember how I built my first house. Before I started, I was nervous. But I calmed myself, “I can do it.” Before I started to build, I took a deep breath. I decided to build it out of wood, glass, and cobblestone. After I built the exterior, I placed a bed and chest inside. When I completed the house, it looked like a small cottage. I felt so proud of myself that I was now confident enough to do difficult projects.
I wanted try one of the most difficult projects in the game, the cobblestone railway. It was the longest project, but I was determined to build it. When I built the railway, I encountered a steep hill along the way. I was scratching my head and unsure what to do. “Maybe I can build a tunnel”, I told myself. So I mined two tunnels to go through the mountain. I dug for so long that I forgot the time completely. Finally my hard work paid off. I jumped up and down when I saw the light from the other side of the hill.Although it took the most time to build the railway, my success made me very proud of myself.
The game helped me design and build structures just like in the real world. When I practiced my skills by creating the difficult ones, I also built up my confidence. It got me a step closer to my engineering dream.