My Essay

James Kinyanjui
En 100-05
Amber Walker



It has been half an hour staring at this unbelievably beautiful piece of art before my eyes!! “Whoever thought of this let alone making it must have been a genius,” I think to myself. I marvel at the professional and wonderful curvature of its magnificent structure. It almost resembles a giant white dove. It seems impossible, to me, that this enormous bird can even move. The paint is shiny with high gloss, looks so new, no scratches, chips or fading. All glass is completely clear with no scratches! It seems so smooth with a silver finish and it really looks valuable, almost untouchable. The tail rises above from behind like a tower casting a shadow over a wide area. The wings, which one would easily confuse for a two hundred meters running track project from the mainframe with a slight backward tilt giving it the perfect shape of a bird.
On them are attached four round-shaped large objects which hang below like fruits, I immediately presumed these are engines? From a distance, I can tell they are so big that a man can fit in comfortably while standing. “What could be possibly supporting all these?” I ask myself. As I look beneath, I can’t believe what I am seeing at this point! I count the wheels one by one and count a total of twenty two wheels! Judging from the proportionality of the truck parked beside, they seem to be bigger than the truck!!The axle rises from the wheels and holds the gigantic body frame. I wonder of which material it is made of!
My attention shifts to a yellow flickering light in a rapid rhythm on the tip of the wing. I notice a similar one on the very top of the tail only this one is blue in color. The two flicker in sequence as though dancing to a beat. Small windows line up the whole body like small unending holes. As I look around, I notice so many people wearing green helmets and orange aprons around this great art. Every one of them seems to be busy...