My Essay

FINAL DRAFT                                             # 107884569
                                                      Joon Sung, Hwang
Many people usually think that they want to go to other countries. Likewise, I considered traveling in other countries which I really liked to go. The country I had wanted to go to was Japan. Actually, there was one reason why I longed to go to Japan.
I was stressed out my military service. I spent so much time in working the company. After finishing my service time, I was so exhausted that I just needed a period of time to refresh. For this reason, I was looking for some places where I could relieve my fatigue and stress. It was Japan that could satisfy all my needs. Considering all the situations I faced, it was the best time to fulfill my long-term dream which was going to Japan.
On July 12, 2007, I took a trip to Japan with my friend. It was really exciting because I could get a chance to do many things which I had been thinking about. What I experienced in Japan was not only an interesting moment, but also a good lesson for my life.
I had a schedule for traveling to Japan. Going to Odaiba beach which is a famous beach near Tokyo, Climbing Mt.Fuji which is the highest mountain in Japan, and experiencing many contents of games and animations were all included in my schedule. I thought that it would be easy to follow my schedule, but I got to know how hard it was to keep the schedule after traveling to Japan. Traveling abroad always involved many troubles. Since I`d never experienced these troubles, I did not know how to deal with them. Therefore, I couldn`t have any choice but facing into every problem directly. Actually, my plan led to a kind of dynamic moment in my life.
The first dynamic moment during my trip was climbing Mt.Fuji. Since it is very famous for tourists, lots of people want to go there in order to see nature. However, people need to...