My End Term Assignment of American Tesol

TESOL End of the term assignment ( after Phase 8)
Answer any two questions from Section A.   Section B is compulsory

Section A

Q1. Take a look at any two ESL/EFL course books and evaluate them based on the following;

Format- attractive , easy to use
    i) Grammar highlights
    ii) Can it be adapted or rigid
  iii) Which would you choose out of the two and why ?

Please note that the textbooks need to follow ESL/EFL pattern and needs to be in English and not any other language. The books chosen must belong to the same level. If they belong to different levels, for example, one for the beginners and one for the intermediate, then your answer will not be accepted.

If you are unable to access a text book kindly refer to any EFL: book publisher website or for Cambridge, Macmillan or Oxford publications. They usually allow you to look at a single unit of a text.

Reference: EFL & ESL- Links

Please go over this link , click on Student’s Book and you can download some chapters. 

Q2. Imagine you are working with students on the language function of ‘requesting for information’.   The authentic material that you have selected is a railway timetable. Design a communicative game or a problem solving task in which the timetable is used to give your students practice in requesting information. Kindly mention time allotted for the task, language level and the age of students.

There are a number of formulas used when asking for information in English. Here are some of the most common:

•Could you tell me...?
•Do you know...?
•Do you happen to know...?
•I'd like to know...
•Could you find out...?
•I'm interested in...
•I'm looking for..

These two forms are used for asking for information on the telephone:

•I'm calling to find out...
•I'm calling about...

Asking for Information - Quiz...