My Drug Addiction

If I Was Suspended
My motivations to come and further pursue my education at the University of South Carolina are to earn a great degree and make something out of myself so that I will be able to support future family and myself. Also, I know that Carolina has an outstanding engineering program, which made my interest to become a Gamecock even greater.   Another reason I chose to attend this University was because it isn’t too close to home or too far away from home, it is in the perfect location for my preference. I also am only the second person in my family to have the opportunity to attend a four-year university.   Upon coming to the University, I set a goal for myself to complete and earn my degree on time in a matter of four years.   A second goal I set for myself was to try and walk-on for the baseball team considering I have nothing to lose.   Finally, my third goal upon coming here is to get in the gym as frequently as I can so that I can stay in shape and get stronger than I was before I came to campus.   My parents expectations were for me to come to Carolina, focus on school, have fun, get my education, and make a name for myself.   Although they wanted me to attend a college to play baseball, they were very proud in my decision to give up the sport I love to start focusing on my life career. They understand that it is not going to be an easy road, but they know that I am very capable of being successful and meeting their expectations.   Although I made a mistake, my actions have not prevented me from reaching my goals and expectations.   I am going to continue to strive for my goals and I plan to reach them no matter the cause.   I am going to take this mistake and use it as even more motivation to achieve my expectations and goals.  
My personal decision making style is to basically make the decision that is best.   I understand that my decision to involve in the actions that caused me to write this paper was not the best, but nobody is perfect and we all...