My Dream School

My Dream School Day

Personally, I think that school can be boring at times. That can change if my dream school day happens. There are three main things I want in my ideal school day. Number one is dress down, to wear your own clothes. Next, is a catered lunch, meaning more food choices, and last but not least, is a longer gym period. These would make a perfect school day.

I like to wear my own clothes I feel better, on dress down days. I feel more comfortable in my own clothes. It would be nice to take a break from our uniforms. Another reason is that I can concentrate better in school wearing my own clothes. Lastly, we can wear our own style of clothes to express ourselves through clothes.

Second on the “wish list” is catered lunches. The main reason I would want catered lunches is because of the many choices it would bring. The food would probably taste much better considering it would come from gourmet chefs. What would make it even better is that it could be served to you at your seat.

Lastly, I would like to have a longer period of good, old gym. I think this is the second best “wish” on my list of three because we get to play so many fun games. Gym is one of my favorite classes, so I would really want that to happen. It would be healthy for me to do some exercise. Another reason is that it’s nice to take a breath of fresh air once in while during the school day and not feel like we are cooped up.

My ideal school day would consist of those things. If those were to happen school wouldn’t seem like such a boring place knowing that we could have fun at times. Mine might seem similar to a lot of other kids, but my wants are just the general things other kids want.