My Dream of India

India of My Dreams
Written by : M. K. Gandhi

Compiled by : R. K. Prabhu

With a Foreword by : Dr. Rajendra Prasad

Printed & Published by :
Jitendra T Desai
Navajivan Mudranalaya
Ahmedabad 380 014 (INDIA)

India of My Dreams

It is a happy idea to place before the world and the country at the present moment when
we are entering upon a new era a picture of the India of Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams. The
freedom which we have won is throwing upon us the responsibilities of making or marring
the future of India. It is in no small measure the achievement of Mahatma Gandhi’s
leadership. The matchless weapon of truth and non-violence which he has used is needed
by the world to cure it of many of its ills. We are aware how imperfect have been the
instruments that had to be used by Gandhiji, and yet history will record that our object
has been gained with the least possible sacrifice which any other country similarly
situated could have been called upon to make. As the weapon has been unique, the
opportunities which the achievement of freedom offers are equally unique. In our hour of
victory and rejoicing we cannot afford to ignore either the leader who has led us or the
undying principles which have inspired him. Freedom is only the means to a greater and
nobler end, and the achievement of India of Mahatma Gandhi’s dreams will be the fitting
consummation of all that he has worked for and stands for. At this juncture we need to
be reminded of the basis and fundamentals of his teachings. A book, which places before
the reader not only those basic and fundamental principles, but also indicates how we
can help to fulfill them through our freedom by establishing a polity and social life, and
through the instrumentality of a constitution and the dedication of the human material
which this vast country will now throw up to work without any external fetters or internal
inhibitions, will be welcomed by all. Shri R. K. Prabhu has proved his...