My Calling

Call of the Wild: My Calling
  Destiny, the path that everyone is individually assigned; where it provides everyone a road in life; a specific calling of one’s own. With so many endless opportunities before me, finding my true calling is a difficult task. One path urges me this way and another, equally alluring tempts me in an alternative direction, how does one sort this confusion and make sense of finding ones’ true calling? How does one select the road of his/her destiny, and ultimately, how do I confidently make a selection of my own?
No matter what road I take, it is adaptable to anything I choose. The selection of one’s life path is the same to the growth of a tree seed in a forest. The seed could drift from its branch and depart by wind or be taken away by animal carriage and all the occurrences that follow up after will affect the tree’s growth potential. The choices/paths that happen determine its ability to fully mature into a magnificent sequoia or become one of many ungeminated seeds, a result that could fantastic or a total failure.
          The plant that I am trying to cultivate, in my career path, will lead me to the practice of medicine. The start of this path begins with the seed that contains my dream, the dream of being a pediatrician, the dream that someday I will be able to help kids recover from injuries, the dream to have others call upon me for help, and the dream to have a sense of connectedness, in knowing I have done my good share for the community.
        Practicing medicine, as a pediatrician is a career that will bring me comfort, it would bring joy to my heart when I see I have helped to save a life and it will bring lifelong satisfaction. This path as a pediatrician, requires me to keep aligned with academic pursuits and encourages me to work diligently. As each member of my family has chosen each their path and taken a journey of their own, I want to follow in this direction, choosing for myself a life as a doctor in...