My Big Awesome Essay

computer-based information system (CBIS) An information
system that uses computer technology to perform
some or all of its intended tasks.
dashboards (also called digital dashboards) Information
systems that support all managers of the organization
by providing rapid access to timely information and
direct access to structured information in the form of
database A collection of related files, tables, relations, and
so on that stores data and the associations among them.
electronic commerce systems A type of interorganizational
information system that enables organizations to
conduct transactions with other businesses and with
enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems Systems
that tightly integrate the functional area information systems
via a common database.
entry barrier Product or service feature that customers
expect from organizations in a certain industry; an
organization trying to enter this market must provide
this product or service at a minimum to be able to
ergonomics The science of adapting machines and work
environments to people, focusing on creating an environment
that is safe, well lit, and comfortable.
expert systems (ES) Information systems that attempt to
duplicate the work of human experts by applying reasoning
capabilities, knowledge, and expertise within a specific
functional area information systems (FAISs) Information
systems designed to summarize data and prepare reports
for the functional areas, such as accounting and
hardware A set of devices (for example, processor, monitor,
keyboard, printer) that together accept data and information,
process them, and display them.
information system (IS) A process that collects,
processes, stores, analyzes, and disseminates information
for a specific purpose; most ISs are computerized.
interorganizational information systems (IOSs) Information
systems that connect two or more organizations.
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