My Approach to Adlerian Counselling

My Approach to Adlerian Counselling
Author: Magnus Irvine

Date of Submission: 4th December 2012
Word Count: 2000

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      This paper looks at my approach to Adlerian counselling and how I work with clients. From the first contact with the client, be it in person, correspondence, or by telephone, I start to get a sense of how he[1] relates to others and how he sees himself in his world. In our first meeting it is necessary to assess the client’s needs and to align his and my goals for the establishment of a cooperative therapeutic relationship (Dreikurs, 1977). If the client has no idea of Adlerian therapy I may briefly explain the Adlerian concept of lifestyle; that each person has a view on his or her place in the world, and that others are viewed, and life is lived, from this position. I ask if they have ever had therapy before and, if so, what worked for them and what did not, therefore avoiding repetition of previous unsuccessful interventions.

      In the first session we agree on the contract for our work together, which plays a very important role in the therapeutic relationship (for copy see appendix A). Within the contract the boundaries of the therapeutic relationship, such as the session length, length of therapy, the cost, breaks, and timing, are set out. This helps to define a framework within which our therapeutic relationship can grow and where the client can feel contained (Casement,...