Mvq Work

1=describe the factors which may inhibit the formation of attachments 5.5.1
The caregiver being emotionally unavailable
Lack of continuous love and care
Individual vulnerabilities within the child

2=from your own experience give a brief description of where you have assisted a young person to make a transition.5.2.1,5.3.2
I help an 18 month old baby make a transition back with his mother by having her at my home so she could feed and bath him before bed and she could keep up the routine at home

3=do some research on what the following mean.
Social exclusion=
Refers to lack of participation in society as what can happen when individuals or areas suffer from a combination of linked problems such as unemployment and poor self-esteem, disabled people, lone parents

The social model of disability=
Systemic barriers, negative attitudes and exclusion by society purposely or inadvertently that mean society is the main contributory factor in disabling people unless society falls to take account of and include people regardless of their individual differences.  

4=give examples of how you could support a young person’s education within the home.
A=prep school =Libraries, picture books, counting bricks, drawing  

b=junior school
Libraries, reading books together. Help with homework

c=secondary school
Libraries, internet homework

d=further education or training.
Helping them look up 6 form or collages on the internet or libraries
Help buy books.

E=a young person not attending school
I would help them get into a learning centre, buy books and help with work on the internet.

F=a young person with special educational needs.
I have a child with educational needs we go to the library for books that he feels he can read at home, buy books, look on the internet and give one to one time Help with homework. Time tables poster on bedroom wall.

Give examples of needs that are specific to children young people with a...