Musicology Birthday Party/ Go Betweens

Birth day party-fears of gun

    • The song is in 5/4 timing with a moderate tempo.
    • The bass line is a riff that moves in 2-3 tone steps and repeats itself through out the song apart from in the brake it stops all together, it creates an eerie rhythm.
    • The bass has a low/standard range.
    • The drums tape the rim of the snare in quavers in part one of the drumming, crating a build up of tension.
    • In part two of the drumming, he hits the snare twice and then the floor tom like this [S S : T :] this creates a release of tension and then in part three of the drumming, uses a cymbal at the same time as the snare and changing the riff to [S S : T T], this creates another build-up of tension.
    • Part four of the drumming he hits the high hat open in quavers creating even more tension. In part three hits the crash and high hat in crochets with a 4 beat long drum roll every second bar to the end of the song.
    • The guitar comes in late, part one is muted notes being strummed in quavers.
    • Then part two of the guitar part in tone steps and uses blunt hammer-on’s and pull-off’s.
    • The guitar is used to crate numbing distortion.
    •   The singing is off tone at the start and then becomes more drawn out later and begins to scream huskily sounding a bit nasial.

  Guitar |                       1111111111112222222222221111222222211111122222222111222222
  Vocals |   x   xx xxx   xxx xxxxxxxxxx   xxxx x s s s s       xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x x x xx s s s s xxx s xxx
  Drums |       1     111111222222222222222222223333333333333444444444444444444444

  Bass |xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx                   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  The go betweens-spring rain

    • bass line moves in chromatic steps.
    • Part one of the bass line is an ostinato that’s repeated in the intro and chorus
    • the verse is not an ostinato for the bass, it   improvises on the scale in a...