Musical Kitchen

Executive Summary:
We four partners plan to open a new restaurant , “Musical Kitchen” to offer customers a unique and innovative line of   dishes with live music,   including sharma, Chicken parata, Pasta, Chicken steak etc. The restaurant will also have take out and delivery service and may in the future also offer prepared meals on a weekly or monthly basis to families and individuals.
The company will reinvent the delicious   dinning   experience with the opportunity to enjoy live music for our customers by selling high quality,unique,innovative food products at reasonable price, in a tasteful and convenient location and providing industry-benchmark customer service.

2.Situation Analysis

2.1 Company:

We are going to launch a new restaurant namely “Musical Kitchen” at sector:7, Uttara, Dhaka. We are four partners namely Shejuti Binte Shahnaz,Quazi Shamsul Islam,Abdalur Rahman and Amitav Ranjan Dewanjee.The tag line of “Musical restaurant” is “Experience the Rhythm of Taste” . From our tag line it is understandable that we are going to launch a music caffe which will give a different   dimension in this industry. It will be an unique one in Dhaka city in both in its food quality and in its apperance.

We will provide Quality and tasty food items to our customers. we will provide gourmet food as well as   special food items of different countries. Customer can easily get their desired food taste as we follow a method-when the customer give order we will ask them about their choice(amount of chili, onion or even how the food will be fried). We will serve our product in a unique manner which will easily attract the customer.
Music mania: Another   feature of our restaurant is to give a rhythm of music to our customers. Many renowned artists of Bangladesh will regularly perform live music in our restaurant. We will try to focus on our own culture and promote beautiful songs of our country.
2.2 SWOT Analysis
A Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats...