“Symphony Number five in C minor. Op. 67”
This song is very well known to the entire world. Intro part is the symbol of the Symphony number five by Beethoven. This song is a piece loved by many people. Symphony five is too famous to even mention, but it is necessary to recognize the song.
Symphony number five is pretty much composed of Sonata form. Intro part heavily emphasizes the motif of knocking on the door. When I carefully listened to the symphony number five, the song consisted of four parts. Arranged in the order of A– B- A –C form. Part A presents a theme, and B part is an improvisation of the original part. Two themes are presented and varied in alternation. Again, part A recalls the main theme, and the last part C presents a new theme and the end. Also it has containing in sequence the main short pattern trio. In my point of view, main repeating notes are sol, sol, sol and mi. It is commonly asserted that opening four note rhythmic short-short-short-long repeated throughout the symphony, which is makes the key motif of the entire symphony. The famous opening motif is to be heard in almost in every section of the first movement.
Symphony number five demonstrates torture, pain, anxiety, nervous and seriousness. The invitation part has grand and heavy sounds that raise the tension. After the grand part, the rhythm goes fast. I feel as if seeing something that can never get out of metal chains, like a prisoner. The end of the symphony gives feeling of release. It feels as if a new bright world has approached from the darkness. Extremely deep virile sound of power strikes, slowly digging into feminine sound and combining with grand power. Perhaps this part makes the meaningful start to last.
Many musical instruments are emergence in the symphony number five. Starting part has stringed instruments and Clarinet that forcibly control the notes sol, sol, sol and mi. Everything is created from this theme. Instruments are arranged in order to play along...