Music Workshop Ideas

Youth Music at Westminster House.

Keeping kit to a minimum, but still keeping the wow factor, and maybe spreading the programme over some time to prevent loss of attention.
Ambition –
To move some people on from the last 2 sessions to more “quality-focussed” product and a more disciplined and rehearsed technique.
The outcome will be that the methodology of song writing will be stronger; the knowledge of the constituent parts will be deepened   and the quality of the output will be at a pro-standard.
Technique –
By Moving basic equipment to katies and setting up a “field-recording” setup, then the sessions can be shortened to maintain attention.
As the users are focussing on Vocal skills in Songwriting, and also in electronic arts, the need for studio sessions can be diminished.
By using between 8 and 10 sessions, the journey will be longer in timescale but more attentive and hopefully more fruitful.
The sessions will be broken into a (loose) timetable as thus.
  1) Generating Ideas – Listening Back - Discussion
      a. Sample playback
      b. Getting a basic groove
      c. Listening to some nice bassy notes
      d. Ideas for songs general direction
  2) Mapping out the Parts of the Track
      e. Lyrics
      f. Melodies and ideas
      g. Demoing Lyrics and Melodies with a groove
  3) Arrangement
      h. Putting the parts together
      i. Bass lines and Melodies
  4) Backing Track
      j. Joining the parts
      k. Percussion ideas
      l. Keyboards, Guitar, Bass
  5) Demoing Vocals
  6) Rehearsing and Polishing

  7) Recording at Studio….

Essentially, by stretching the process into a longer overall time, but shorter hits, will