Music : the Culture Barrier Breaker


Can Music Work as a Barrier Breaker Between Cultures?
FYSM Community Engagement - Research Paper
Andrew Rubich
Siena College

Over the past few years I have developed a passion that has really helped me understand the industry of music production much better. I was introduced to electronic music by my cousin who is currently a DJ and performs in New York City. He showed me this software that incorporated all different soundboards, pre-sets, and instruments together to form one masterpiece of a beat that was hard not to bob your head to while hearing it. It wasn’t as much of the software that impressed me so much though. He was showing me each genre within electronic music and it was amazing seeing what was actually put into the song to generate the sounds that it does. I was listening to these songs on high-grade studio headphones, which cancelled out any excess noise other than the song. I felt as if I developed a 6th sense that I never knew I had.
After spending time with the kids from the writing partnership, I realized that I want to give every single one of those kids to the same experience I had from my cousin. I would like to show them all of the main genres within the electric field and see which ones really speak to them and show them how each of those genres are made from scratch. Through research, I’d like to find out if music is a good source of communication and what methods have people been using to break cultural barriers with it.
The kid that I have been working with has a big interest in playing the bass and guitar. I asked him if he ever listened to any sort of electronic music and he had no idea what it was. I had a good feeling that if I showed him an electro song that was based off of a guitar he would like it because mainstream music that has gradually formed a base off of electronic dance music (EDM). Before I was introduced to production software, I never realized that...