Music of Life

Music has been around for years dwelling in a variety of genres such as rock,pop,r&b and rap. Although, music has many diffrent genres there is only one that people feel is a major factor in crimes, rape cases,and   also the way children exploit towards parents.   Artist Trick Daddy uses music to express his views and concerns on how the world is perceived.   Thug holiday was realesed on August 6 2002, by artist Maurice "trick daddy" Young an artist from Miami, Fl. thug holiday, a heart warming song about the struggles impoverished people living in urban and rural areas go threw, was a hit sinlge in 2002.   thug holiday touched on the administrative system, religion and veterans of the armed forces.thug holiday speaks on how the government takes it light on teachers giving our children a better future. also how religions have become more then just one for example muslims,and jews. thug holiday also gives a warm heart out to the soilders who go out and fight for our country everyday. when listening to the words in thug hoilday it makes a person think about things that are going on in this world.   the way the government is run and the way people see religion and the way soldiers are treated is unjust behavior.
paragraph 2
firstly, the administrative system is a big factor in the united states. trick daddy in thug holiday speaks on how the teachers are under paid when they are the ones leading our children to a better future. trick daddy also talks about how   judges are making more money than the teachers on account of them only sitting and prosecuting criminals. last but not least he talks about the government raising taxes when we have homeless and people struggling with the way things already are,for example gas prices rising,insurance rising and doctor offices increasing prices.---Obama talked about the threat of terrorism, as well as the impact of the financial crisis on the U.S. economy.----(SAMUELS, DAVID)   trick daddy speaks on the issues we as citizens...