Music in My Life

In my opinion music is the most unusual and beautiful kind of art. Most people like music. We can hear music everywhere - at home, at school, at work, on a bus. Music is all voices that we can hear in our life. Birds, clocks, cars, rain, etcetera. It is almost impossible to escape from music, even if we want to. Personally I couldn't live without music. There is silence in my room when I only learning something by heart. For the remaining time the radio or the cassette player is always switched on. Without music I would probably be always bored.
I would like to point out that everything goes on much better when you are listening to music. I like listening to various kinds of music. In the morning it is much easier to get up when You hear good music. When I am tired I like listening to therock music because then I can rest well and gain power and will for future work. On the other hand, when I am excited or angry I love listening to calm, quiet music and then I will become quiet. It is very nice and useful.
I can also say that there are some cases in which music influences me. It depends on my mood what I want to listen to.
Usually I choose music which I need to listen to or I have not listened for a longer time.
There are also some very beautiful compositions which make me feel special. I could listen to them all the time. They are very marvellous.
Generally speaking, I would like to point out that music is an inserable part of my everyday life. I like every kind of music. It gives me big pleasure and I am sure that in the future music will play a very important role. In my opinion, music is necessary in our life, helps us in many domains of our life and often makes us remember about what happened a long time ago. It helps to calm our nerves very frequently. I think that everyone listens to some kind of music and life without music would be very boring.