Music Essay

All Time Low is a pop punk band from Baltimore, Maryland, USA. The band consists of members:

Alex Gaskarth – Vocals, rhythm guitar

                                                                                          Jack Barakat – lead guitar

Zachary Merrick – bass guitar, backing vocals

                                                                        Rian Dawson – drums

They were formed in 2003, while they were still in high school. Since first signing with a label, they have released three studio albums, two EPs (extended play), and eight singles, with a fourth album rumored for release sometime in 2010. They started touring very early, trying to build up a strong fan base early on. This obviously was quite successful.
Guitarist Jack Barakat invited Alex Gaskarth to form a band playing Blink-182 songs in eighth grade, along with their original drummer. Barakat told Alternative Press that they were not friends at the time, since Gaskarth had just transferred from a private school and that Gaskarth had hated Blink-182 because he was the "Bob Marley and Incubus kind of kid." Eventually Barakat persuaded Gaskarth to leave his old band and join with him after getting him to listen to some Blink 182 songs. So they began with covering Green Day and Blink 182.
After a year’s worth of begging by Jack, drummer Rian Dawson was convinced to play with a band. They were trying to find a replacement for their original drummer, as they were trying to play “Roller Coaster” –Blink 182, but their original drummer couldn’t play it. By the end of ninth grade, Rian had joined the band replacing the old drummer. After a little while they asked around, needing a bassist and Zack Merrick showed up to audition. Jack later said that after they heard him play, the reaction was like; "Fuck yeah, he plays with his fingers. He's in." They defiantly got their influence from Blink-182 and Green Day early on, and then later also New Found Glory. The band even...