Music Censorship

Josh Cericola
Stuart Taylor
English 1101-B
November 29th 2010
Censorship of Music
Do you have a favorite song? Well there is a good chance that your favorite song has a "curse word" in it. Should America care so much about the lyrics in modern day
music?   My opinion is they shouldn't, and I'm going to provide substancial evidence as to why i believe this. They have come up with eleven different ways to cover up profanity in the sound engineering world. It all started with one over opinionated person, which we cannot place to the blame too. This contraversy was inevitable in today's society or the society of the past for that matter. If the first guy didnt say it, somebody would've brought it up down the road.
One thing many people fail to understand is that the government doesnt control
whether to censor music on your local radio station, or to not sell explicit CD's in your local wal-mart.The FCC basically says if you do so, they will fine you. It's not exactly
illegal to sponsor uncensored radio, but they found a way around thier own rules to make it impossible to do so and be successful. You must understand that every artist
that goes into a recording studio to make an album under a legit label, makes an "explicit" version and a "clean" version of thier album. Radio stations decide themselves
to play clean versions of songs to avoid riot from listeners who may happen to have

thier children with them, or listeners who might be offended by certain language provided in certain songs. What the local businesses and local stations dont seem to
acknowledge is that most americans would prefer the explicit version of the songs on the radio. To me the old saying comes up “If you dont want to hear it then don't listen.” As cited on the website “” they post a blog asking the opinion on random
subscribers and over half the blogs feel censorship should only be used in the most extreme situations, if not at all.
Maybe we should start from the...