Music Appreciation

Are We There Yet?
On May 23, 2010, I had the opportunity to attend a concert given by The Chesapeake Bay Wind Ensemble.   What a superb performance!   The title of the presentation was “Are We There Yet?”   Let me take you on a journey, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the trip.
The first piece was entitled “Beyond the Horizon” by Rossano Galante.   As millions traveled through the hallow shores by sea, land, and air, this piece painted a picture of the Earth’s beautiful horizon.   Two themes were presented through sweeping melodic lines and majestic brass fanfares. The use of the piccolo, flute, oboe, bassoons, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, horns, trombones, tubas, timpani, euphonium, and percussion did a wonderful job of painting a breathtaking journey.
Next we are off to Berlin with the “Berliner Luft” by Paul Lincke.   This is a Berlin march and also the hymn of Berlin.   I felt like I was at a parade, very upbeat.   This piece comes from Lincke’s 1899 operetta Frau Luna.   It is about a trip to the moon in a hot air balloon, where an adventurous party of prominent Berliners meet Frau Luna and her court.   The clarinets, flutes, saxaphones, and trumpits were highlighted.
Then off to Korea with the next piece, “Variations on a Korean Folk Song” by John Barnes Chance.   This piece is based on the Korean folk song, Arirang.   Mr. Chance did a tour in Korea where he heard this folk song.   As the title implies, this piece consist of a set of variations.   Clarinets quietly introduce the folk song quietly followed by the entire ensemble.   Next up is a solo oboe, followed by the flutes, alto saxophones and French horns, and solo trumpet.   At this point, the tempo picks quickly until peak and gradually descends to the lowest.   The woodwinds and brass slowly play a series of chords.   The tempo pick up again with a long solo by the percussion section followed by the piccolos and flutes.   The variations of this piece was skillfully portrayed.
Now my journey is coming to end by...