Music and Advertising

MKTG232 Advertising

Consider how music can be used in advertising campaigns and explain the role(s) it performs.

The term marketing mix describes the role of a marketing manager by mixing all the different ingredients, of marketing, what means that sometimes it uses only one of them, or all of them and some other times none of them. A wellknown marketing expert, E. Jerome McCarthy1, developed the term Marketing Mix and their components (the four Ps of Marketing Mix) that are basically four: 1. Product. Which type of object is produced (Tangible or intangible), how is it produced, etc. It also includes all the logistic problems such as packaging. 2. Price. Setting the amount of money a customer is wiling to pay in order to acquire a certain product or service. 3. Place. In what physical place the product or service is going to be sell and purchased. For example, diamonds can only be bought in certain luxury shops so it is basic to establish this properly. 4. Promotion. It is the concept that concern us the most because it is referred to ways of communicating a product that a marketer has and includes advertising, public relations, personal selling and sales promotion. Advertising is all the techniques and methods that one party tries to try to convince the customer in order to buy the product or service. In the last years, three more Ps have been added to the definition: process, people and physical evidence. At the beginning advertisers only used print media to advertise products but since technology developed we can find advertising almost everywhere; radio, TV, Internet, billboards, etc. So, with the appearance of electric media music

1 Basic Marketing. A Managerial Approach  

has been introduced in TV spots or radio commercials, for example. With these new ways of advertising it has been demonstrated that the effectiveness is much bigger that in the conventional ads (press) and music has...