I BELIEVE LIVING IN a multi-ethnic society is a good thing and benefits those living in one. Cities all over Britain contain people from all over the world, these people have brought with them various different religions and traditions that most of us use in our everyday life. Although we have not always been accustomed to this way of life.
The reason for these new people came about hundreds of years ago.
The British traded with places such as India and the West Indies, until they gradually managed to colonize and take over these places, therefore making places like the West Indies and the Indian sub-continent part of the British empire, later on known as the British commonwealth
Thus making them British citizens with the right to a British passport. This meant that people from all over the world had the right to live in Britain. Until 60 years ago, Britain was a predominately white country.
However, after World War 2 Britain had a labour shortage and needed migrant workers to help re-generate and re-build Britain. That is why people from the West Indies, India and Pakistan were especially encouraged to come and work here.
The promise of money and a 'new life' enticed migrant workers to Britain, who at first were welcomed with open Arms. They were the solution to the British's problems: lots of unskilled labourers.
West Indian males usually worked as bus and train drivers, bricklayers and post office workers. West Indian females were mostly trained to be nurses.
The use of Indians and Pakistanis to the British were to work in factories making things ranging from clothes to ford cars.

Nevertheless, some of the British public were not satisfied with their new found help and eventually racial tension began. Indians and Pakistanis were labeled smelly, dirty and had abuse hurled at them while walking on the streets.
The people also complained that they lived in-humane conditions, but the government did not once try to help them. Black people were taunted and...