Tiffany Goodard
Multiple Intelligences Paper
When researching the information about the beliefs that Gardner stated “that people posses at least eight intelligences.” It was difficult to narrow it down to one as I see myself with most of these intelligences. I did find a couple of websites listed below in reference to the one intelligence that seems to fit me the most out of all of them.
My first site was While visiting this site it emphasizes intelligence and seems to describe me as an individual. It conveys that people with interpersonal intelligence similar to me are “good with understanding and interacting with other people.”   It further goes on to state that we are “skilled in assessing the emotions, motivations, desires, and intentions of the people” around us. This speaks volumes of how I am as an individual. Coworkers and friends are always complimenting me on how I handle situations, and the way that I can deflate a bad situation and calm others down.
This website also focuses on things that I do daily, for example watching how individuals communicate with one another. When I see individuals become stress, or upset I start to put myself in their shoes and not show my own emotions; I think and wait prior to showing my emotions for the reason that I don’t want to be misread or interrupted.
My second site was The website emphasizes interpersonal intelligence and state’s that “interpersonal people careers are teachers, counselor, care workers, social work” as my ultimate goal is to become a teacher, and with the vast examples offered will help me when teaching.
As a person who can distinguish and understand motivation and emotions of others, and in dealing with personal problems I have sympathy, and place myself in their positions. I believe and think that I have the skill to calm, and speak to individuals...