Mulan Journey

The best of all journeys is a journey to discover your inner self and what you are capable of.
Today we will be venturing through the movie Mulan, a famous historical legend released on June 5, 1998 produced by Walt Disney picture animations. The movie relates to a physical journey and inner journey and revolves around cultural understanding, traditions and values, delivering the message that our true journey is not found through the physical journey we take but by understanding ourselves and the capabilities that we can uphold through self discovery.
Throughout the film Mulan, set in Northern China during the Wei dynasty, a reoccurring motif is present within Mulan’s struggle to understand her culture and traditions as she attempts to bring honour to her family. This is instantly addressed in an early scene within the film where we are shown a close up of Mulan’s reflection. As we stare upon the two contrasting sides of her face we familiarise the symbolic nature of each. The side which is decorated portrays her synthetic side where in order to be accepted she must conform to the expectations, upheld by her culture. This however is juxtaposed by the plain side of her face which suggests her natural ability and independent voice, restrained from the barriers of her traditional roles. As Mulan wipes away the decorations from her face it is represented that Mulan is wiping away the impurities and doubts which plague her mind; In her longing to understand who she really is and what she is capable of, conveying the idea of self understanding.
In cause of the Hun invasion in China, Mulan’s most challenging trial and physical journey unfold in the subsequent danger of her family’s well- being. In knowledge of this, she impersonates a solider to replace her father in war. In a preceding scene in the film, we witness Mulan’s self improvement by the physical and emotional challenges she faces during her participation in the army. In several of Mulan’s training scenes,...