Mu 5.2

Physical Development
Age Group | Stages of Child Development |
Birth | Gross Motor Skills   * At birth the child can lift head from the prone position but the head will fall loosely if not supported.   * Can turn their head to one side when lying on their back.   * Makes uncontrollable arm and leg movements. Fine Motor Skills   * Will have hands closed and may open them when the back of their hand is stroked. |
3 Months | Gross Motor Skills   * Lies on back, moving arms and legs alternately or together.   * When in a sitting position and supported, holds their head mostly upright and steadily for several seconds and their back is beginning to straighten.Fine Motor Skills   * Can clasp and unclasp hands   * Brings their hands together   * Can move their head, following parent/carers movements and gazes attentively at faces.   * Able to hold rattle briefly. |
6 Months | Gross Motor Skills   * Can roll from front to back and back to front.   * Can support themselves using their arms while lifting their head and chest when laying down.   * Holds out their arms to help with being picked up.   * Can take more of their own weight on their legs if supported or being held in the standing position.   * Has a straighter back when standing.Fine Motor Skills   * Will grab a toy that is within easy reach of them   * Puts many objects in their mouth   * Grasps their feet when lying on their back |
Nine Months | Gross Motor Skills   * Reaches out for toys   * Flaps arms up and down when excited   * Will sit alone unsupported for short periods of time.   * In sitting position will lean forward to pick up toy without tumbling forward.   * Beginning to pull up to standing and if held standing will attempt to take steps.   * Attempting to crawl- often going backwards first and sometimes succeeding.Fine Motor Skills   * Can hold finger food   * Attempting to drink from a beaker |
12 Months/ 1 Year | Gross Motor Skills   * Now able to bottom shuffle or crawl   * Will...